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Healthcare Coalitions

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Under the US Department of Health & Human Services, the emphasis in response to disasters takes a WHOLE COMMUNITY approach to serving communities. Under the HHS Assistant Secretary for Prevention and Response, funding has been provided to facilitate all stakeholders in geographic regions to work together to appropriately respond.

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Healthcare Coalition is not… An entity providing services but instead is an entity created so that those delivering health care in a region can most effectively collaborate to provide the best possible coordinated response to the WHOLE COMMUNITY.

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The Healthcare Coalition is…

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A group of healthcare organizations, public safety and public health partners that join forces for the common cause of making their communities safer, healthier and more resilient. Coalitions have been formed all around the United States to support communities before, during and after disasters and other crises. Emerald Coast

Healthcare Coalition can assist in:

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  • Following state & federal guidelines
  • Improved communications & coordination
  • Collaboration and providing SMEs
  • Sharing best practices & lessons learned
  • Planning for potential disasters
  • Building a culture of preparedness
  • Community-wide planning & response
  • Grant-specific training & exercises
  • Stakeholders in the Emerald Coast Healthcare Coalition
  • Hospitals
  • Other healthcare Providers
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Long-term Care Providers
  • Mental & Behavioral Health Providers
  • Private Entities Associated With Healthcare
  • Specialty Services: Dialysis, Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Standalong
  • surgery, etc.
  • Support services: Labs, pharmacies, blood banks, poison control
  • Primary care providers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Public Health
  • Home Healthcare Agencies
  • Federal Entities
  • Morgues and bus companies
  • Faith-Based First Responders